Sustainable is Beautiful

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The fashion industry consumes a lot of resources and generates chaos to keep you looking chic. Fashion is a global industry valued at $3 trillion and accounts for 2 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Also, the clothing and textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. There is an insatiable desire for fashion means people are buying more and more clothes.
2019 has been a year of innovative beginnings as Sustainable fashion is on the fashion industry's agenda. Numerous brands are coming ahead and talking about sustainable fashion, consumers are becoming heedful of the environmental impact of their purchases. A lot of Indian brands are using sustainable initiatives to reduce water and chemical consumption to save the environment. Brands are also adopting zero waste initiatives to reuse the leftover fabric and create new designs and products out of it. Gradually, for the fashion industry, green is becoming the new black centering on sustainable practices.  
Over time, slow fashion will become the norm, with consumers wearing chic garments that last for years. Consumers are progressively moving away from fast fashion. This will minimize the need to make new purchases, therefore reducing impacts. Another aspect of the movement aims to make the industry socially responsible and provide fair wages to the weavers. There is a newly launched bootstrap brand Ravaiti who is making this initiative to provide consumers with better quality products and helping Indian weavers to become independent and happy in the work they do.
Apart from sustainable clothing brands, there are ways consumers can do their bit for a better environment. The most sustainable solution is to swap your clothes. Share your clothes with people who believe in sharing is caring. One is not only getting a new clothing piece in the wardrobe but saving from the landfill.  Other ways are to buy second hand or opt for Slow fashion which is environment-friendly by producing fewer new items which give you exclusive collection.
It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with sustainable brands which care about mother earth and are determined to improve it.